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New Sump Pump Installation And Repair


We provide sump pump installation in Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove, Naperville, Burr Ridge, Lombard, Woodridge area.

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Sump Pump Odor Issues


Sump pumps are pumps that are used to remove groundwater, typically from basements, and prevent flooding. They should not be confused with sewage ejector pumps, which are used to pump sewage, and may also emit an odor. When sump pumps have a foul odor, there are a few possible causes to be considered.


Drain Trap


All household drains that are tied in to the sewer system need to have a drain trap. A drain trap sits between the ejector hose in your sump pump and the sewer line, and prevents sewer gas from backing up from the sewer, in to your home. Ensure you have a properly installed drain trap to prevent an odorous sump pump, and to comply with plumbing code.


Backflow Preventer


A backflow preventer is a small inline valve that prevents water in the sewer line from flowing back in to the sump pump and filling up the pit. Sewage is not only an unpleasant thing to smell, but can be a health and fire hazard. Ensure your sump pump is equipped with a backflow prevent if it drains directly in to your municipal sewer system.


Standing Water


If your sump pump is set too high in your basin, there may be standing water in the pump basin for a prolonged period of time. This can lead to mold and mildew growth. Consider setting your pump's float to trigger the pump at a lower setting, so that less water is left standing in the basin before the pump turns on.


Electrical Smell


If what you are smelling emanating from your sump pump smells like burning wires, it is possible that your pump is getting ready to break down. Remove the pump and have it serviced, or replace the unit entirely. It is better to be proactive when it comes to things like sump pump repair, as there will not be time to fix the unit later, should flooding occur.

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What Our Сustomers Say

Don H. Naperville, IL
Have used Power Rooter for many jobs including replacing furnace, air conditioner, water heater as well as repair boiler system. Very professional, clean, and is by far the most honest and trustworthy contractor I have ever used. Does not overcharge either!


Greg M. Villa Park, IL

I live in Villa Park and want to thank Power Rooter for their great service. Cleaned a sewer clog that other companies couldn't clean. Fair pricing and great service.

Mary T. La Grange, IL

AMAZING service. They were quick, efficient and very good prices. I would highly recomend them to anyone in the area.